5 of Whatuni’s Top Performing Articles on Social Media

A big focus of mine lately has been creating more social media-friendly post for Whatuni.com, as part of an ongoing push to grow our Facebook and Twitter followings. Over the past year I’ve tried a number of different article-types, playing around with headings and different media (everything from GIFs to Vines) in order to find out what our sixth form audience responds to best. The following five articles are the ones that have performed best on Facebook over the last year…

(Note: we redesigned our advice section back in December, and the view counts on the actual article pages only include views since the redesign – that’s why most of them are wildly different from the traffic figures quoted below.)

5. What Your Teachers Say Vs. What They Actually Mean (13,722 hits)

What Your Teachers Say Vs What They Mean

This was a recent post, done in the style of Buzzfeed UK Editor Luke Lewis’ What British People Say Vs What They Mean series (which I’ve been a fan of for awhile). I like the style of posts like this – they’re amusing and easy to read – and I thought I could write one about teachers that might appeal to sixth form students. When we promoted this on Facebook it racked up a solid 74 shares and 52 comments, as well as over 300 post likes.

4. 9 Animated Sketches That Perfectly Sum Up Life at Uni (20,155 hits)

This was a post I commissioned one of our regular student bloggers, Iga, to create, after I saw something similar on her Vine account. Interestingly this one didn’t get any shares, but it did pull through a good chunk of traffic.

3. 8 Charts That Perfectly Sum Up The Life of a Sixth Form Student (30,290 hits)

Exams fear vs motivation

I used some of the GIF-making skills I’ve learned while writing for Buzzfeed to create the charts for this one (which I made in Illustrator/Photoshop). This post had the most shares of any article we’ve ever promoted on Facebook – 166, in total – and it also drummed up 60 comments and over 600 post likes.

2. 10 Tips for Using Free Periods Effectively in Sixth Form (31,632 hits)

I was actually quite surprised by how well this one did; it was quite a straight-forward advice piece, but I think because it spoke directly to sixth formers – it was written by one of our Year 13 bloggers, Holly – it went down really well with our target audience. Interestingly it got quite a bit less interaction than the previous post (it only had 38 shares, 67 comments and 265 post likes), but the click-through rate made it a big hit traffic-wise.

1. 16 Year 13s Reveal What They Wish They’d Known at the Start of Sixth Form (70,648 hits)

Advice from Year 13s

In terms of traffic volume, this one completely wiped the floor with all the other posts we’ve promoted. Again, this was a post I commissioned Holly to write, and I think the combination of student-led advice and the visual element of the whiteboards helped this one do as well as it did. In terms of interaction it had approaching 100 shares, nearly 800 likes and over 50 comments.