6 Film Review Highlights From The Last Year

I averaged about one review a month for FilmJuice in 2014, mainly covering DVDs but also squeezing in a cinema release or two when I had the time. I’ve picked out six ‘highlights’ below (and by highlights I don’t mean the films I enjoyed the most – in fact I really, really hated two of them – but the films I enjoyed reviewing the most). I’ve tried to include a range of different ratings, plus a mixture of different genres and styles…

1. The Selfish Giant (DVD review, 5 stars)

The Selfish Giant

Image via Film4

2. Stranger by the Lake (cinema review, 5 stars)

Stranger by the Lake

Image via Peccadillo Pictures

3. Almost Human (DVD review, 1 star)

Almost Human

Image via IFC Midnight

4. Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For (cinema review, 3 stars)

Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For

Image via Lionsgate Home Entertainment

5. Vamps (DVD review, 1 star)


Image via Parlay Films

6. What We Did On Our Holiday (cinema review, 4 stars)

What We Did on Our Holiday

Image via Lionsgate

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